Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Just keep running, just keep running

So I was quiet the runner about 5 years ago. Due to mental weakness and a really shitty environment (despite living and hanging out with other runners) I lost it. Now I am probably classified as a jogger. That bothers me. I do not regret the time that I took off because if I didn't I would not want to think about taking one step out of my door. But now I'm having motivational issues. I want to get out there and train but I am using excuses like work, being tired, laziness to keep me from running. I also have a problem with eating which makes me feel guilty. Oh the joys of a post collegiate runner....

But I want to start running everyday. I fill run every day. So I have a page where I am going to post my runs. Give a small post of how it went and what the weather was like, etc. The excel spreadsheets weren't doing it for me (and a former engineering student. I love spread sheets!!) So here we go. Stay tuned! Emma is back on the trail!!!

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