Friday, August 26, 2011

A deep breath finally

The first weekend since June that my husband and I do not have to go anywhere, do anything or entertain anyone we do not want too. I will be having a  movie marathon of Jane Eyre movies tomorrow with a few close friends, that is not too strenuous and I do not count as 'doing something'. This weekend will be a greatly needed deep breath of the dwindling summer. I read on facebook and twitter of my young friends and their excitement of college running, or of friends and family harvesting their gardens (mine which is doing fantastic, despite the poor seeds late start). See below for pictures of my awesome garden.

From a few months ago, my baby plants.

 Above: My grown up garden.
Above: Baby Tomatoes!! "Oh... That's nice. Ash on my tomatoes" Pippin Tooke from LotR:FotR (movies)
Below: Baby Corn, sorry no LotR quote on this one. 

Above: Monster lettuce. The little green leavies will be a bit bitter since I let them grow so large.

I also have been planning out my landscaping for next spring. I think with my lazy weekend I will separate my hostas and plan out other plants I want to buy and or plant this fall before the freeze.

I am about to finish the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Oh how addicting that book is. Another series which is tempting me to start is the Song of Fire and Ice. Oh I have fallen hard off of the 'read all the books you own before end of the year' bandwagon. September is here and I still have roughly 70 books to read. Ouch....Maybe I can do that this weekend too. I would be a champ if I could read 70 books in a weekend. Super human power I want, be able to read everything forever. Hahahaa.

I feel more relaxed now that my lazy weekend is here. Readers on the east coast be safe as Irene comes to visit and everyone enjoy your weekend.