Friday, September 9, 2011

Time Management

I have a problem. This problem has always plagued me and I am not sure if the problem is entirely bad. I tend to block my time. I will do an activity and nothing else until I have exhausted the activity. Example, upon being tired of the endless drabbles of Legolas Greenleaf/OC fan fictions (some are good, but they are the same idea over and over again...almost like being in an insane asylum, 'lets see how many different fabulously talented and beautiful women Legolas can bag during the WotR'). I will apologize to those who might read this and be one of the writers of such a story. I am guilty of the Legolas Romance with an OC. I do not mean any offense, for I also categorize myself in this category for some time as well. But do you agree...the idea is old and used. Much like my little brother's blanket. I digress.

So as I listen to the ending of the Fellowship of the Ring as I drive home from work, I become engaged in the hidden joy of the Riddermark and it's gallant riders. I listen to the meeting of the Riders of Rohan and the Three Hunters and wonder. Eomer, son of Eomund fan the last two weeks of my life has been to reading the escapades of Eomer and Lothíriel of Dol Amroth. So back to the subject, I have done nothing but read Eomer/Lothiriel fan fics for the last two weeks. My house is in need of a cleaning (good old' turnberry is picked up but vacuumed or swept, the poor dear), my own original stories took a back seat (though the newest story has taken up much of my time and  thoughts during the previous days - the next attention divert-er). Sigh, so I need to force myself to 1.) read The Girl who Played With Fire, 2.) Finish Alistair's Story 3.) Continue Blanche and Miles' story 4.) RUN!!! 5.) Take care of my house.

Sigh, I do fear that the task of managing my time, my interests and obligations will be rather difficult as I tend to do these activities with a pumped up attitude (words of a cousin). Sigh, 'Tomorrow is another day, with no mistakes in it, yet'.

I will have to keep myself honest with blogging more too. Too many interests and loves, not enough time in the day.