Monday, February 7, 2011

Green Bay Packers


Go Pack Go! What a game. Hats off to the Steelers. As much as I loved the close game (probably only because we won) I could have used a bit less stress on the heart. But 'Gosh darn it, I'd do anyting for da Packers'. Way to go guys. The Lombardi Trophy is back home.

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Titanic and Byzanium

Who would have thought that the Cold War, radioactive elements and the Titanic would all be connected in some way or form? But they are in Raise the Titanic! I mostly picked up this book because I am fascinated by the Titanic. But the book written by Clive Cussler was written before the Titanic was actually discovered. In Raise the Titanic! radioactive material, Byzanium, is needed for a defense project by the US. The Russians figure out the super secret defense project and decide that since the Byzanium was found on Russian soil that the Byzanium belongs to Russia to use as they deemed worthy. But Dirk Pitt and NUMA will not allow that to happen. Sparing the total recap of the book, I loved it. A lot of the book was set up but I love the historical treasure hunt to find the location of the hidden item and the fact that the Titanic was involved was awesome. Not alot about the Titanic was actually discussed other then her miraculously perfect condition (considering being on the bottom of an ocean for 76 years and being struck by an iceberg) and that she wasn't found right below where she sunk. Totally intact, NUMA led by Pitt raised the Titanic and she is brought back to New York. The last few chapters when the Titanic finished her maiden voyage brought tears to my eyes. How awesome would that be if the Titanic would be able to be salvaged...awesome.

Pitt seemed less Dirk Pitt-ish then other books of the Dirk Pitt series I have read, except at the end. Since he is also a Titanic fanatic, maybe it was her presence that led Pitt to subdue his arrogant, womanizing behavior. But I enjoy reading about Pitt and he held his own and was pretty much amazing in the book. Cussler did a great job with this book and I love the forward discussing the discovery of the Titanic and how despite the similarities of Cussler's mind and the actual facts of the Titanic, Dirk Pitt was the first to see her. Amazing...

One of the most interesting books I have read. It may not be the best written or the next literary masterpiece but my fascination with the Titanic and the love of a good action adventure, not to mention the Cold War interest as well, makes this book awesome. I am top shelf-ing Raise the Titanic!.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Plays at the beginning of the blizzard

I love reading Shakespeare! So far I have read three comedies and one tragedy. I really like the comedies, but I feel I should read a tragedy I have little background in (I read Romeo and Juliet) and see what I think of them. Maybe Othello or Julius Cesare.

I really liked Taming the Shrew, it was a very interesting play to read. I can see why it is so controversial. I do not agree with women being submissive towards men, but as a comedy, Taming of the Shrew was funny. Upon completing Taming of the Shrew, I did a little research to figure out if Shakespeare really meant the play to be as anti-feminist as the play is or if more satirical in nature. Mixed reviews all the way around the board, from the little shallow research I did. I'm going to choose to take the view that the play is entertainment and meant to be funny rather then caring a message of whoever.

Let me know reasons to change my mind if you disagree. :) I love discussions on books!

Now I have done a very good job at reading the books I in my possession to cut down on the amount of unread books I own. Out of the 32 days of 2011, I have read 7 books and am in the process of reading three of them. One as a book club book (The Wings of a Falcon), one for my own knowledge (Idiots guide to Tarot) and the last as one step closer to my goal in 2011, (Raising the Titanic). Now to grab Raising the Titanic and a blanket and settle in for the blizzard which will cover the land in another 5-10 inches of snow. You got to love Wisconsin Winters.