Sunday, May 6, 2012

Rainy Sunday = Movitation

A severe storm has rolled into my town and I love the sound of my husband laughing as he plays his video games downstairs, knowing my dog is safe and dry, and the heavy sound of rain drops falling on the roof, accompanied by the booms and crashes. I have thoroughly enjoyed my weekend so far, I have concluded week one of my new diet, have acquired new running shoes in hopes that I can get myself motivated to spend that much time associated with my fitness, I have broken the small barrier of writers block I had in Filly and Miles' story and got rid of a bunch of clothes to send off to Good Will.

If you have read my blog before you know a couple of things, 1.) I do not post often or will post in spurts. forgetting about the blog for months at a time. 2.) Say I'm going to get back on the bandwagon with my running and eating better. Only to not do that at all.  So here it goes, I'm going to do that again. Third, fourth, tenth times the charm right?

Now, I have realized a lot about myself the past few months. I am 25.5 years old now. I cannot dress in clothes that I wore in high school. Hence the bag of clothes I have placed in my trunk of my car to drop off at Good Will tomorrow. I also bought a pair of raspberry (cheap) high heels. ADORABLE, and totally frivolous. I will wear nicer clothes when I get home from work.

I also realized I want to do a lot. I want to read all my books I have not read (see On The Shelves of Tserof), I want to draw more, I want to finish my story or revise finished stories....Yet none of these wants get done. After adopting a dog from the Humane Society, Dovahkiin (yes after the hero in Skyrim), I realized I get a lot more done when I get out and get my butt moving. I will get up in the morning and walk with Dovah for 20- 35 minutes before work. Get home and walk another 10 minutes followed by a long (45 min) walk at night time. During the 'down' time between walkies, I do get a lot more done.  I used to write lists when I was growing up to get activities or chores done. I will try to do them, or put reminders in my phone to do the things I want to do.

So, I yet again state I will walk and try to get more runs in, eat better, write and draw more, finish all my books I have to read and dress like a 25 year old woman. To try and accomplish these goals, I will blog more about my status of these goals.

Enjoy your rainy Sunday.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Growing from a seed

I have concluded the main events of the character Alistair. He has been one of the most undefined character I have written yet. From when he and I set off on his journey from his hometown to run away to the Cliff Castle of Tserof to meet the Cliff Wizard, he was on one path. But as he met more and more people, different feelings and heard the news of what life his Father wanted for him, he changed drastically. I have only ever really written one character, Rachael, which was so wrapped up in her own misery there was just no way around her 'evil character' position in Hero and Tristan's story. Alistair has a lot of people who are hoping he can become detached from his feelings from his childhood and choose a path that he can become a decent man. But Alistair cannot just let go of the betrayal he feels from his Father's choice. Even when his mentor tells him to be careful, to choose the path that will not lead to destruction, Alistair does not.

Liam is another character which is turning into a obsessed man. His small rivalry with Cashing-ton is coming to a head. Liam, who was the first person to really believe in Alistair, has persuaded him to join his cause. War is coming on the tides of the ocean and the Wizards are trying to stop the few people from becoming swept away....

I find the whole world, the people, the lives and the storys I have thought up incredible. All coming from a simple love story between a strong willed woman and a scared Wizard.

So that is enough rambling for now. I need more coffee.

Be Blessed and smile.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Time Management

I have a problem. This problem has always plagued me and I am not sure if the problem is entirely bad. I tend to block my time. I will do an activity and nothing else until I have exhausted the activity. Example, upon being tired of the endless drabbles of Legolas Greenleaf/OC fan fictions (some are good, but they are the same idea over and over again...almost like being in an insane asylum, 'lets see how many different fabulously talented and beautiful women Legolas can bag during the WotR'). I will apologize to those who might read this and be one of the writers of such a story. I am guilty of the Legolas Romance with an OC. I do not mean any offense, for I also categorize myself in this category for some time as well. But do you agree...the idea is old and used. Much like my little brother's blanket. I digress.

So as I listen to the ending of the Fellowship of the Ring as I drive home from work, I become engaged in the hidden joy of the Riddermark and it's gallant riders. I listen to the meeting of the Riders of Rohan and the Three Hunters and wonder. Eomer, son of Eomund fan the last two weeks of my life has been to reading the escapades of Eomer and Lothíriel of Dol Amroth. So back to the subject, I have done nothing but read Eomer/Lothiriel fan fics for the last two weeks. My house is in need of a cleaning (good old' turnberry is picked up but vacuumed or swept, the poor dear), my own original stories took a back seat (though the newest story has taken up much of my time and  thoughts during the previous days - the next attention divert-er). Sigh, so I need to force myself to 1.) read The Girl who Played With Fire, 2.) Finish Alistair's Story 3.) Continue Blanche and Miles' story 4.) RUN!!! 5.) Take care of my house.

Sigh, I do fear that the task of managing my time, my interests and obligations will be rather difficult as I tend to do these activities with a pumped up attitude (words of a cousin). Sigh, 'Tomorrow is another day, with no mistakes in it, yet'.

I will have to keep myself honest with blogging more too. Too many interests and loves, not enough time in the day.

Friday, August 26, 2011

A deep breath finally

The first weekend since June that my husband and I do not have to go anywhere, do anything or entertain anyone we do not want too. I will be having a  movie marathon of Jane Eyre movies tomorrow with a few close friends, that is not too strenuous and I do not count as 'doing something'. This weekend will be a greatly needed deep breath of the dwindling summer. I read on facebook and twitter of my young friends and their excitement of college running, or of friends and family harvesting their gardens (mine which is doing fantastic, despite the poor seeds late start). See below for pictures of my awesome garden.

From a few months ago, my baby plants.

 Above: My grown up garden.
Above: Baby Tomatoes!! "Oh... That's nice. Ash on my tomatoes" Pippin Tooke from LotR:FotR (movies)
Below: Baby Corn, sorry no LotR quote on this one. 

Above: Monster lettuce. The little green leavies will be a bit bitter since I let them grow so large.

I also have been planning out my landscaping for next spring. I think with my lazy weekend I will separate my hostas and plan out other plants I want to buy and or plant this fall before the freeze.

I am about to finish the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Oh how addicting that book is. Another series which is tempting me to start is the Song of Fire and Ice. Oh I have fallen hard off of the 'read all the books you own before end of the year' bandwagon. September is here and I still have roughly 70 books to read. Ouch....Maybe I can do that this weekend too. I would be a champ if I could read 70 books in a weekend. Super human power I want, be able to read everything forever. Hahahaa.

I feel more relaxed now that my lazy weekend is here. Readers on the east coast be safe as Irene comes to visit and everyone enjoy your weekend.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Deja vu

I have my living room in the house to myself and my own decorating style! The man cave is downstairs, we are using our whole house now! I have a table by the corner with all of our windows, over looking the front yard. Sitting here blogging about looking outside reminds me of when I would sit at the window in the apartment and blog. I have changed a busy street for a quiet one, a maple tree for a birch and an ash. I love sitting looking outside and being able to relax in my house as the music voice of John Rzeznik, Nick Thomas and others fill the well as the AC (a big difference from the apartment). Growing up is not all that bad...but we have to pay bills yet tonight, so I may retract my words in a few words.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Silliness with Drawing

So, drawing. Yes I have been known to make some pretty cool stuff. But I have not worked at it and want some pointers. Despite many of my best friends and one of my brothers being art majors/artists, I still bought a book/box set on how to draw. I think I may know most of what is in the book but at least I will be assured I am on the right path. Here's to being an idiot. Haha!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Just keep running, just keep running

So I was quiet the runner about 5 years ago. Due to mental weakness and a really shitty environment (despite living and hanging out with other runners) I lost it. Now I am probably classified as a jogger. That bothers me. I do not regret the time that I took off because if I didn't I would not want to think about taking one step out of my door. But now I'm having motivational issues. I want to get out there and train but I am using excuses like work, being tired, laziness to keep me from running. I also have a problem with eating which makes me feel guilty. Oh the joys of a post collegiate runner....

But I want to start running everyday. I fill run every day. So I have a page where I am going to post my runs. Give a small post of how it went and what the weather was like, etc. The excel spreadsheets weren't doing it for me (and a former engineering student. I love spread sheets!!) So here we go. Stay tuned! Emma is back on the trail!!!