Library of Tserof

 Books Currently Reading:

1.) The Hounds of the Morrigan
2.) Girl who Kicked a Hornets Nest
3.) Anges Grey

Books Read Summer 2010:

1.) Pacific Vortex By Clive Cussler
2.) Plague Ship By Clive Cussler
3.) The Last Unicorn by Peter S. Beagle
4.) Cottage Witchery by Ellen Dugan
5.) The Wiccaning by Sister Moon
6.) The Count of Monte Cristo
7.) The Time Traveler's Wife
8.) Water for Elephants
9.) To Kill A Mockingbird

Books Read Fall 2010:
1.) Rebecca
2.) Sacred Stone
....I lost count and forgot what I read this fall. Due to wedding planning, err, ok I was lazy and didn't read as much. :(

Books Read Winter 2010:

1.) Vision in White
2.) Bed of Roses
3.) Savor the Moment
4.) Happily Ever After
5.) Mists of Avalon
6.) Idiots Guide to Astrology
7.)The Taming of the Shrew
8.) Raise the Titanic!
9.) Idiots Guide to Tarot

Books Read Spring 2011:

1.) On Falcon's Wing
2.) The House at Riverton
3.) Dark Watch
4.) On Fortune's Wheel
5.) The Heretic's Daughter
6.) Elske
7.) Rider in the Mist

Books Read Summer 2011:
1.) The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
2.) The Hobbit
3.) The Fellowship of the Ring
4.) The Two Towers

Books Read Fall 2011: 
1.) The Return of the King
2.) The Girl who Played with Fire
3.) Skeleton Coast

Books Read Winter 2011/2012:
1.) Corsair
2.)The Forgotten Garden
3.)The Distant Hours
4.) Silent Sea


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