Sunday, March 27, 2011

A Bad Turn

The Wheel of is an interesting concept to think about. Times are good and times are bad. The Wheel turns and the cycle begins again. You are on top then you are rolling in the dust of life...This week was a low point for people I know. At the beginning, two good friends of mine broke up after a long rough patch. Early in the week a family I knew well when I was in middle and high school were accused and charged with child abuse. Around midweek a friend in college had a heart break. His sister died in a car accident. Life will get better as the wheel begins its climb towards the top. The climb is hard and getting over heart break and embarrassing realizations of your family will take time, but life will get better. RIP Megan Clift and my thoughts are with the children I grew up with.

Sunday, March 6, 2011


As amazing as January was for reading, I have come to an almost stand still. I gained a full time job which decreased my time to read, as well as my ability to stay up past 9pm. No with wedding invitations to get out the door, I have found myself at a stand still...a delay in my yearly goal to read all the books I have not read but own. I am currently reading The Children's Book and I find that the even though I enjoy the book, it is slow and I cannot find myself reading much more then 10 pages before falling asleep. Now is the time for determination. I will finish this book, despite its lack of interest and rather lazy sunny sunday afternoon feel to it, I will finish it...but only after I finish my invitations...